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Our goal at SiloSmashers is to keep our employees well.

SiloSmashers believes the employees are the company’s most valuable asset, so why not keep them well and fit. Our philosophy is to provide an efficient, effective and enjoyable working environment.

Angela Drummond has always supported workplace wellness and tries to stay focused on her own wellness daily. She encourages her employees to address their unhealthy behaviors and work towards achieving a healthier lifestyle for themselves. She’s devoted to helping her employees achieve their workplace wellness goals. Recently, she elected an employee to coordinate the wellness program for the Silo team.

The program will consist of daily, weekly and monthly activities to help our employees stay on track with their physical and mental health. These activities will include challenges related to good nutrition, moderate exercises, stress management and personal development. We will encourage annual flu shots, smoking cessation, and support physical activity during the workday, such as lunch break walks or scheduling a session at your local gym. We will also supply healthier meal options at our company luncheons and have healthy snacks available at our offices. Employees will have access to health and fitness articles, motivational support, recipes, and local events related to wellness.

Healthier, happy employees are more productive employees.
Everyone wins when the employer’s focus is on the health and wellness for their employees.

SiloSmashers recognizes the need to focus its business on ensuring high quality performance throughout the organization. As a team we want to create a healthier work environment and to help one another achieve their goals.

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