United States Marshals Service


Prisoner Operations Division Business Integration Center


The Prisoner Operations Division (POD) Business Integration Center (BIC) was created to facilitate communication and information sharing among the seven POD offices and to update and standardize POD policies and standard operating procedures.  The BIC is also responsible for developing and managing POD courses provided to the 94 USMS districts.


  • SiloSmashers standardized POD policies and developed a template for standard operating procedures (SOP) based on lean six sigma principals.
  • Revised POD SharePoint portal to enhance document sharing, improve search functionality, and more intuitive site structure.
  • Worked with the Training Division to develop an online Conditions of Confinement Training for District jail inspectors to become certified to conduct inspections of Intergovernmental agreement (IGA) facilities that house USMS prisoners.
  • Facilitate working group sessions to develop the first job-specific training course for POD focused on preparing General Operating Supervisors with the knowledge and skills to manage $1.6B detention management operations.


POD operational and administrative staff are more collaborative and better able to share information as a result of clearly defined SOPs for division functions and better document sharing due to improvements in SharePoint design and structure. POD has developed mission essential training to the 94 USMS districts and is developing career training for new supervisors supporting detention management.  Finally, Silosmashers has facilitated working groups and developed policies and SOPs to support the continuing integration of POD and the legacy Office of the Detention Trustee (OFDT) organizations.

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